Monday, December 23, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K is full! DO NOT PANIC. Get on wait list

Amazingly the Hawkeye 50K & 25K is full. However, lots who get on the wait list will get in, so don't panic.

Get on the wait list. Just scroll down a bit to see the registration link and you can get on the wait list there.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K: Nearly 135 signed up by Dec 22, 2013

Hello, signups are at a faster pace than in previous years. Nearly 135 folks have registered. The limit is 150. When we get to 150 we'll start a waiting list. In the past a decent number of waiting list folks get in, although there are no guarantees.

Also, please read the posts previous to this.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

90 Signed Up for the Hawkeye 50K & 25K

 Hawkeye 50K & 25K 2014 Registration

Hello, 90 folks have registered. (About 40 in the 50K, 50 in the 25K.) The limit is 150. When we get to 150 we'll start a waiting list.

Also, read the post previous to this.

Finally, please look over to the right (and scroll down). Find previous results, maps, previous trail reports, and even a course video. (If you know of another race report I should add, please let me know.

Just so you know, I'm looking to find a race hotel. Previously we've used Sleep Inn in North Liberty.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Registration for the Hawkeye 50K & 25K is up!

 Hawkeye 50K & 25K 2014 Registration

Registration is up. Just click on the graphic above. Race date is Saturday March 15 at 11:00am.

Note: the four winners from last year get in free. I have emailed you.

If you PLACED 1st -3rd in your division last year, you get $15 off. Look at the "Category" results from last year. If you placed 1st-3rd, use the discount code "divisionchamp15". Don't even THINK about using this if you did not place. I will check all who use it.

Finally VOLUNTEERS from last year get $20 off this year if you would like to enter. Email me (chemsmith1 at gmail dot com) for the code.

I don't know yet what the swag will be. I am playing with some non-shirt options, but if they fall through, it will again be a tech shirt.

Race is limited to 150 runners, with some priority given to 50K runners once it's nearly full. It won't sell out instantly though. You have a some time. I've yet to even advertise this.

Hope to see you there! Bring good weather!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

2014 Hawkeye 50K/25K set for 11:00am March 15. Hopefully.

Just a quick note to say that we're hoping the next race will be held on Saturday March 15, 2014, starting at 11:00am. Note the new start time!

Please keep up with things in three possible ways.

1) By checking here periodically.
2) By joining the Facebook page.
3) By subscribing to the email list, which you can do just to the right of this.

I'd suggest subscribing to the email list to be sure you don't miss anything. Although I sometimes post first on FB (it's so quick).

With any luck, registration will be up before Jan 1. Hope to see you there!!

Your Friendly RD,


Monday, April 08, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Recap and Awards

Hello Everyone,

First, another big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers! You did a great job at the aid stations and around the start/finish. Many did more than was asked, by just taking charge and helping out. THANK YOU AGAIN! I want to name you all but I fear I'll leave some out. Also, as soon as I figure out the finances, I'll be writing checks to Lupus organizations. Since we had a couple of wonderful volunteers from the Iowa Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America, I'm sure they'll be receiving a little something from us. Thanks to ALL of you for coming out to race to make this happen. I do hope you all are a bit more aware of Lupus.

Hey, my apologies for being AWOL for a month. Since our race, I took TWO small vacations, one to New York and one to Las Vegas. No, this is NOT normal for me, but things conspired for that to happen. By the way, I happened to be in NYC the weekend of the NYC Half Marathon and made it into the lottery and ran it. Upon finishing I kept going and ran over the Brooklyn Bridge, back over the Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown to Times Square, for a total of 22 miles. (I also had to run 1.5 miles to the start, arriving 5 minutes after the horn went off.) Fun time! While in Las Vegas, my girlfriend and I went down to north of Phoenix and did a trail race. Very hilly and technical but spectacular views, running among the cacti! By the way, I wore the Hawkeye 50K shirt at the trail race, and a guy came up to me to tell me he used to live on Lake Macbride and that his son ran the first Hawkeye 25K. Small world!

This weekend I'll embark on the Zumbro 50 mile race. No I've not truly trained for it, but I'm hoping my general fitness can get me through it. Interestingly the race begins at midnight! Unfortunately it sounds like it will be a slurry of mud, snow, and ice. And it is supposed to rain and snow this week. That's right, I AM WHINING about the course and weather, after I gave you three years of bad weather/course conditions. It's karma. Wish me luck...

In other news, I know we had some great personal stories at our race. Our 50K female winner Brittany McConnell was running her first ultra. She even managed to get a bit lost and run extra, and still win. On the men's side Mark Thompson repeated as champion. In the 25K, it was an amazing sprint to the finish between Julie Johnston and Kelly Teeselink, with Julie winning by one second! Ross Salinas cruised to the 25K victory on the men's side. Wearing shorts, I think.

There were other achievements and personal victories as well, I'm sure. For example it's notable that Laurie Tulchin completed the Hawkeye 50K even after hearing "pop" in her foot early in the race, only to find it bruised and swollen by the end of the race. It turns out she rain nearly 30 miles with a broken foot! Many others completed their first ultra or their first race on a course much tougher than your standard road race. Some barely made it, but you did. Others didn't quite make their goals, but that's what it's about, pushing your limits and using that as a jump start to trying it again even when the day doesn't go as planned. Check this out. That's neat! If you blogged about the race or put pictures up somewhere, let me know and I'll link it to the web site.

I know also some of you have went on to achieve some more results since the Hawkeye 50K. For example Ross Salinas finished 6th overall at the Bandera 50K in Texas (this is a major race - that is placing really high). Bonnie Busch, Tiffany Dore, and Steve Geering attempted the Potawatomi 100 mile race just this past weekend. Joshua Sun and Dan Jacobi attempted 50 miles. (I say "attempted" because some made it and some didn't!) Lisa Paulos finished 100 miles at the Umstead 100 mile race this past weekend. Yes I know I'm missing a whole bunch of accomplishments by lots of you. It's just fun when I see a name I recognize in another race.

Anyway, I still have some awards to send to a few people who did not receive them. Please check the results. Besides the four overall champions, anyone who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd should have received a wooden medal/award along with your finishers medal. If you did not receive yours, please let me know! (chemsmith1 at Although I should have your address, you might put it in the email anyway just to make things easier for me.) Also if you didn't get a regular race medal, I have some leftover so just let me know. Even if you came up a bit short.

I know there are a few other folks I've talked to regarding some other items. E.g., extra shirts you wanted to buy. Or volunteers who did not get their shirts. Let me know if I still haven't gotten these items to you. Also, everyone should have gotten a medal if you were there on race day. I have plenty of extras anyway. Also I have a few of the black Hawkeye 50K knit caps if you would like to purchase one. They are $10 which includes shipping. If you want an extra race shirt you can ask to see if I have your size. They are $13 which includes shipping ($3 less on the shipping if I can get it to you without sending it.)

By the way, for those of you who get Ultrarunning magazine, I think there will be a write up in the May issue? Soon, anyway.

Let me know if you have more questions,

Your Friendly RD,


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K: Brief Followup

Hi All,

This will again be brief. I'm just trying to tie up loose ends. Eventually I hope to write something a bit more extensive.

1. First, THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS!!! These include all those at aid stations, those driving around to the aid stations, those helping with parking and timing and at the start/finish and at the spillway. And also family and friends who just jumped in to help. And to MNRA personnel and the park rangers. I don't want to get specific with names yet, but you are ALL APPRECIATED. I've heard only good things about the volunteers! You rock.

2. Results. I'm not sure if they are complete yet, but here they are in three formats:

By Time

By Gender

By Category

They say "Not Final" because I am still waiting to hear if anyone finds they have been left off or if something is wrong. So let me know if you see a mistake please. Also if you didn't completely finish your race, I'll happily include your name, approximate distance covered, and time.

My email is chemsmith1 at

I should note: one extremely honest guy told me he didn't finish the 25K even though his Garmin said 15.3 miles. He felt he cut the course a little somewhere. That's a really really honest guy!

3. I know the four overall champions got their awards. If you got 1st - 3rd in your age group you have a little award coming. I know most of the 50K runners got theirs, but not all. But I missed many of the 25K award winners. Please email me if you didn't get yours and eventually I'll get yours to you.

4. Every person should have received a medal. Even if you didn't finish. I have plenty of them. If you didn't get yours send me an email.

4. Eventually I'll send in a race report to Ultrarunning Magazine. I could use pictures so continue sending/posting them and they might get in the magazine. A lot have been put on the FB page, so check them out. Unfortunately Ultrarunning will only post results and reports about the 50K race. Sorry to the 25K runners! Eventually I hope to write up a little summary for you all and will post it here. If you want me to include anything interesting for the magazine or for the summary here let me know.

5. I know I haven't responded to some emails. I'll try to as soon as I can. If you email something important and I seem to ignore you, send it again after a few days! Note: I'm out of town a BUNCH of days between now and March 27. I have tons of stuff coming up so try to bear with me.

That's all for now. Again, thank you volunteers, and thank you RUNNERS for your happy and positive outlook at the end of a grueling race!

Your friendly RD,


Monday, March 04, 2013

2013 Hawkeye 50K & 25K Results

Preliminary results are up.

When you find mistakes, and some of you WILL, PLEASE email me at chemsmith1 AT After I'm satisfied that the results are likely correct, I'll sort them by gender/age group.

I actually, for once, had a decent system for timing/results. But I stupidly didn't recruit anyone to help me before the race. Don't you think on the third try I'd figure this out? I always think it'll be so easy but forget how quickly people start coming through. Some day...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hawkeye Spillway Update Feb 28

I finished putting up all the ribbons today. I was at the spillway and the good news is that I was actually able to cross it without dunking my feet into the water. True, I had to slowly pick my way across, but it was doable.

Note: There is no particular path to the other side. Go any way you want. I'd probably avoid getting too close to the lower lake though, unless you want to fall in.

That's the good news, but the maybe-not-so-good (kinda depends) is that the forecasted high for Saturday has inched up to 32. This will probably make it pretty nice running weather (I predict some will overdress). But it's going to increase the odds of the trails being really mushy. Again, if I had to predict, I'd say you're going to be on every possible surface: dry and wet pavement, ice, snow, slushy snow, small-ponds-on-the-trail, mud, and wet grass. Basically a lot of muck. So by the time you get to the spillway, it may not matter whether or not you get your feet more wet. :-D

Oh, the park gate doesn't open at some exact time. A guy comes to open it. I think he usually arrives around 6:15 or so? Then proceed in slowly almost a mile and the first lot we will fill will be to your left (just across from the start/finish), then we can stick a few cars on the short road to the start/finish, and the rest will proceed about a half mile farther to the overflow lot. Hopefully that will do it. Cross your fingers.

When you're racing, remember to look for yellow ribbons. Also there will be some yellow buckets which I use as signs. I may have some orange cones for you to follow here and there too.

Think about also if you want to carry your own water bottle, considering the distances between aid stations.

See you soon!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Feb 27 Update (Last?)

Are you ready to run?!! I hope so.

A few more things. Please read.

1. Look back at the LAST post, where I covered a variety of topics, especially if you have just gotten in from the waiting list. And I want to thank three more sponsors: Chipotle of Iowa City, and Walmart of Coraville, and HyVee of Coralville. Go get something from them too!

2. Look to the right for information you might want.

3. PARKING. I've already mentioned parking may be a problem. Well, since then I've discovered that we may have lost about 10 or so of our spots. Thus, it's even MORE crucial that you carpool as best you can. And that you don't arrive at 7:45 and expect to be running at 8:00, unless someone is dropping you off.

To be clear: When you enter the park, the start/finish is about 0.8 mi from the entrance. There is parking just across from the start. Very close. When that is full, we usually send people down FARTHER to a lot that is about 0.6 miles away. Certainly you can do that walk. There are also a couple of lots (one is tiny) BEFORE the main lot. So if BOTH lots are filled, backtrack and try to use one of those. If all those fill, you have to exit the park, turn left, then turn left on Angler's Point Rd, and hike 0.6 miles to the start. Eh, you probably don't want to do that if you're unfamiliar with the area.

Bottom line: cross your fingers. Maybe it'll be no problem.

4. Well, for once we're getting reasonable race weather, but it wouldn't be a true Hawkeye 50K & 25K without some weather-related issues. In this case, the issue is that after two years of drought, Mother Nature decided to dump some snow on us, just before the race. Natch. Part of me really enjoys this, because you're all going to suffer more. (Bwah ha ha ha) But there are drawbacks. For example, it's the reason we're losing some parking spots. The other problem is that we are probably going to trash the groomed cross country ski trails. I really feel lousy about this. First, if you see a cross country skier, apologize! And agree with them if they yell at you. They've had so little good snow that it's reasonable if they are frustrated seeing us ruin their trails. Second, if it's somehow possible to run to the side of a groomed trail, please do so. And don't dump your garbage anywhere on the course. Of course.

As far as the weather/conditions: If I had to predict right now, I'd guess that it's going to be sloppy. I was marking trails Monday night and I was running in a combination of mud, ice, water, and snow. If you encounter mud, you might as well not bother trying to get around it. Just dive in because it's going to be unavoidable. The 5-6 miles of crushed gravel trail is rather odd. For some reason it turns to a cement-type muck when it's really wet instead of draining in a nice way. It'll suck the energy right out of you if it's wet enough. (Aren't you looking forward to that?!) Not to mention you're going to soak both feet completely at the spillway in freezing cold water. :-)   I will be curious to see how many 50K runners throw in the towel after one lap. Bwah ha ha ha again!

The forecasted temps for Saturday (at this time) suggest a start temperature around 20, warming to about 25-30 by afternoon. And partially sunny. Actually it might be better if it's pretty cold since that could firm up the ground some and make running easier. Maybe it'll be cold enough that all the mud will be firmed up.

It won't be super windy, but the wind will likely be very cold. It'll hit you the worst the first few miles to the first aid station. After that you're buffered most of the time. So don't freak out if you're really cold up to the first aid station. It'll get better.

Just be prepared for all these conditions I've described. And remember you can put fresh socks/shoes on at mile 12.9 of each loop if you want (spillway at mile 11.2).  I'll be out finishing the marking tomorrow evening (I hope) so will see what the situation is then.

5. Speaking of people not completing two laps, remember that you can NOT drop down during the race. Any 50K runner who doesn't do their second lap gets a DNF. We'll still record your distance and time, but you cannot get a 25K award. (Anyone who doesn't finish, try to tell me your total distance and time for recording. And if you leave the race before finishing, be sure to tell me or a volunteer.) You can change which race you're doing right up to race morning. (Preferably not at 7:55am though.)

6. Oh, in the last few miles, you'll go over a couple of old wooden "bridges." They are as SLICK AS SNOT. If you try to run them, you'll wipe out and break a hip. Yes you will. Just stop, and gingerly make your way over them. Just like you will at the spillway, right?

7. By the way, at the spillway you'll see a volunteer (Deb) and her doggy Sophie (below). Thank them for being there! She's just there to watch over you and point the way if needed and Sophie is there to wag you along too. I do believe she needs to leave about noon so 50K folks may not see her on lap 2. Speaking of Deb, here are a couple of pictures she took today after some freshly fallen snow (we got maybe 2-3 inches more?). The second one shows the spillway you get to cross (WALK!) over.

Oh, you may also see a Park Ranger or two out there. They actually like to watch over us. If you see her/him, THANK them for being there, and smile and tell them you're having a blast. We DO want to stay on their GOOD side and all good will extended their way helps.

8. Photographers. I don't hire anyone or anything, but if you have someone coming to watch who likes to take pictures, encourage them to do so! And then to post them where we can all see them.

9. Re: the post-race foodfest/potlock. Everyone is encouraged to eat up, including your family and friends who come watch you. Let them know that. Usually we have plenty of food. (Remember, feel free to bring something. And yes we have outlets if you bring something hot.)

10.  It's hard to describe this, but as we speak there is a huge mound of snow about 10 feet after the start line. I'm not joking. You may have to begin by running 10 feet, then climbing over it. It's like an adventure race! We'll see if it's still there on race day. I hope so!

11. Oh, one of our volunteers Jordan Witmer is doing a study. From Jordan:
I am trying to recruit volunteers for a study I am running at the University of Iowa. It is a bit of a commitment. There will be about 5 visits and 3 of them will be around 6 hours long. The visits will likely be scheduled once a week. Below is a link to the flyer we have for the study. We DO NOT NEED any subjects between 18 to 35 years of age. We DO NEED volunteers who are either sedentary or active between 50 to 79 years of age. Please send me an email if you are interested. And thanks Tim for helping me with this.

jordan.witmer AT
The flyer.  Try to help him out. And if you want to meet him, he'll be at the race. His job will be as the "sweeper," meaning he's going to run behind the last person(s). Email him now if you want to meet up with him there.

12. Surely there is more, but I can't think of what. If I think of something major I'll send make one more post tomorrow night. Keep checking the FB page. Or email me at chemsmith1 AT See you Friday and/or Saturday!

Your friendly RD,


Friday, February 22, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Feb 22 Update

Hi Hawkeye Runners,

This is just a bunch of reminders and information. In no particular order and please read through it all. Certainly some important stuff!

1. Let's thank our sponsors! Hammer Nutrition, We Run, Running Wild, Panera Bread, Scheels, Sleep Inn of North Liberty, Road ID, and Casey's General Store. They have all donated us FREE STUFF!! If you can go buy something from one or more of these as a way of thanking them. Seriously.

2. Please check the right side of the page for some useful info: maps of the course, maps to the start, previous results. There is even a video of the course. Check it out. Also a couple of previous blogs on the race. Which reminds me: If you know of other blogs or picture galleries from the previous two races, could you forward them to me so I could link to them?

3. Packet Pickup will be at We Run (see above) from 4pm to 7pm on Friday March 1. Also you can pick up your packet race morning starting around 6:30-ish. Obviously the more who come Friday the better. Makes things go more smoothly.

4. Sleep Inn (see above) is our race hotel and you can receive a discounted rate there. Just ask for the Hawkeye 50K rate.

5. PLEASE CARPOOL to the race! We absolutely do NOT have enough parking for 150 cars if you drive separately. Maybe not even for 100. There is a decent amount of parking very close to the start. If that fills up, you have to drive about a half mile down the road to the other lot. If THAT fills up, you're in trouble and we'll send you down to Angler's Point Rd and you'll have to hike 3/4 of a mile to get to the start. Also, when you park, be awesome and pack those cars together tightly. (For those of you locals who happen to know about the lot at the end of Angler's Point Rd and don't mind hiking 3/4 mile to the start, feel free to use that to help out.)

6. I can't give an exact time the gate to the park will open on race day. Roughly 6:15-6:30? This entrance can be kind of easy to drive right by. Don't be surprised if you do that. And I would suggest NOT arriving at 7:45 unless you are being dropped off and you can literally be ready in under five minutes. If you do, you'll not only have very little time to get ready, but you'll end up parked farther away. There will probably be a bit of a pile up around 7:00 but we can't really avoid that. Plan ahead. Be patient with the drivers around you. Go slowly in the park.

7. At packet pickup, you'll have to sign ANOTHER waiver. This is required by the University of Iowa and I didn't write it. For whatever reason, they want signed paper copies. (Yes we run on University property.) These waivers though play the role of "checking in." No signed waiver and you don't exist and you get no result.

Note: all volunteers must sign a waiver too, also required by the University.

8. Race begins at 8:00am. For those doing the 50K, you MUST begin lap 2 by noon. The race ends at 4:00pm.

9. There are aid stations at the start/finish, then at mile 4.5 and 9.6 and 12.9. NOTE: The aid station at mile 12.9 is actually the one at the start/finish. You just happen to swing by it then so it's kind of a bonus aid station. Thus, when you return to the start/finish, you have NOT completed the 15.5 mile lap. You still have 2.6 miles to go. The aid stations will have typical ultra foods: pb&j, M&M's, oranges, bananas, pretzels, salt tablets, water, and Heed sport drink (from Hammer Nutrition).

10. You will cross cold water at mile 11.2, and yes the water is at least ankle deep and unavoidable. (At least that is the case now and I find it hard to believe it will change by race day.) After you go through this water, you will reach the start/finish at mile 12.9 and you can change socks/shoes if you want. When you come to this water crossing, WALK CAREFULLY. Do not be silly and sprint through it unless you want to break an ankle. You then get to clamber up a few rocks before hitting the stairs. Yes, the stairs were just put in there this Summer.

11. You may leave a drop bag at the start/finish. This is probably mostly going to be utilized by the 50K runners, since the 25K runners would be within 2.6 miles of finishing. But anyone can leave something there. E.g, shoes/socks. There is a building overhang to put your bag at, but it won't really keep rain from falling on it so make sure it's leakproof if it is going to rain. Also we do NOT guarantee no one will steal it. Yes we'll be near it all day but not really paying attention to who is grabbing any drop bag. So beware of leaving your valuables in it.

12. Expect the trail and crushed gravel portion of the race to be a combination of snow/mud/ice, based upon the weather we're having now. There are also roots to contend with. You may fall down. Also there are two old wooden bridges. They are ridiculously slick! Walk over them!

13. The course will be marked with yellow ribbons. At a few places I may put signs (actually buckets with writing on them) but you are almost always just following yellow ribbons. If the roads are dry I put down yellow duct tape arrows, but they may NOT be dry. I may put up some black/yellow striped ribbon to BLOCK OFF certain trails. I do my best to mark everything, but you do kind of need to pay attention. Study the course map a bit or carry it with you. (You shouldn't need it, but hey it might come in handy.)

14. As you go through each aid station, be prepared that someone will check off your number. If your number is hidden, know it and yell it out to the volunteers.

15. Remember this course is, VERY roughly, about 5-6 miles of road (most from mile 0.6 to the first aid station at mile 4.6), then about 6 miles of crushed gravel along the lake to about mile 11, and about 5 miles of trail total, most at the very end. There are places you are running on roads with cars driving by you, sometimes at 50 mph. Be aware! Nothing is being closed down for this race! The trails are not closed for us so be nice to any hikers out there.

16. When you finish rip off the bottom of the bib and hand it to a timer.

17. There will be awards to the four overall champions (M & F of both races). Then there are three age groups: Juniors up through 29, Seniors 30-49, and Masters 50+. The top three in each age group get an award. The awards are not mind blowing, but they are awards! Yes, everyone gets a medal as a token of a hard-fought day.

18. Want to change races? You can. You can drop from the 50K to the 25K or vice versa by emailing me (chemsmith1 AT or telling us at packet pickup. You can move up from the 25K to the 50K also, but that'll cost you $10. (No refund for dropping down though.)

19. POTLUCK. It's been a tradition for inspired runners to feel free to bring a little treat for the post-race goodies. So if you want to pitch in, feel free to do so. You can buy something or make something. Anything you like. If you do, do NOT try to feed 150 runners + volunteers + family/friends. Bring something to feed some and that's great. Most of you need not bring anything, but if you're the type who likes to do that, please do! And yes, anyone can eat the post-race food including the volunteers or your friends/family who come to cheer you on.

20. Remember to thank the volunteers. You're running and staying warm. They are often just standing there, FREEZING. For you.

I'm sure I managed to forget something and may send out a followup soon.

See you race day!

Your Friendly RD,


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Jan 22 Update

Hello Runners!

Well I ran the Triple D up in Dubuque on Sunday. (Saw some of you there!) Whew, we were actually rather lucky with the weather and the course. Not that it was easy, but it could have been much harder. Fun race. I recommend it! Kinda epic. And that's likely the last race I do until after the Hawkeye. (Note: by chance I'm going to New York City in March. By chance it's the weekend of the New York Half Marathon. By chance, I put myself in the lottery and got in! By chance, it's the most expensive half marathon ever!)

Some reminders. Some new stuff. Please read!

IMPORTANT!! I need to know if you can not make it to the race. We have a long waiting list, and I need to know if I can add people. Do your fellow runners a favor if you cannot come, so they can get in. For those of you waiting, it's tough but hang in there. I'll inform you the very moment I can do so! We typically start getting the drops about 30 days before the race, and they tend to come in a bunch. So keep running!


1. Please look to the right for all kinds of information, like maps! And directions, and last year's results. Also there is a video of the course. Rather long but maybe useful.

2. Please visit our sponsors: Hammer Nutrition, We Run of North Liberty, and Running Wild.

3. Remember that packet pickup will be at We Run in North Liberty on Friday afternoon/evening probably from 4pm to 7pm but I'll get the exact time later. (Yes you can pick up race morning too if necessary.)

4. Parking at the lots nearest the start/finish will be VERY TIGHT. PLEASE CARPOOL if possible! I guarantee you that some folks will arrive at 7:50-7:55, and those are among the ones who will be forced into the parking lot that is 0.5 miles away from the start. Not a fun position to be in. In general, if many of you carpool, and if you arrive by 7:30-ish, you'll get to park pretty close to the start. But I'd suggest being there by around 7:15 so you can get ready without rushing. But don't come earlier than about 6:15 either because that's roughly when the gate is opened. (I don't open it. And this isn't the normal time the gate opens. Usually it opens at 9:00am but they come open it early on race day.) Race starts at 8:00am! Eight hour time limit. No 50K runner starts a second lap after noon.

5. A reminder about the course: It's a 15.5 mile loop. There will be an aid station at, roughly, miles 5, 10, 13, and at the start/finish. Note, the aid station at mile 13 is the one at the start/finish! You just happen to run by it at mile 13. Thus when you first see the finish, you are NOT done! You just go by it. But you can stop and take food/drink and use the potty.

6. We do not offer a drop bag service at any of the two outer aid stations (miles 5 and 10). But you CAN leave one at the start/finish. This is obviously mostly for the 50K runners. (The 25K runners would only have about 2.5 miles yet to go.) The drop bag spot is just the overhang of a building, meaning that if it is raining, it may get wet. So put it in something waterproof if needed. Yes there will be people there all day but then again we won't be monitoring whose bags are whose, so don't put something valuable in them.

7. The water crossing is at mile 11.2. In year one, this was half frozen and deep and wide enough you had to go through it, over ankle high. In year two it was also deep enough you had to go through it, but it was a freaky 85 degrees (on March 17!) so many just laid down in it to soothe themselves. So, the water may be high, but at times it's just a trickle and you can step over it with no problem. With the sustained drought we have had, that is likely the case right now, but we'll know more closer to race day. I'll try to keep you informed.

8. Sleep Inn of North Liberty will be our race hotel again. You can get a room for $73.99. It's not a huge discount, but it's something. And it's about as close to the start/finish as you can get. I assume you just tell them you're doing the Hawkeye 50K and you get the discount.

9. For you speedy folks, you might note our age groups. We have three for both races: Juniors up through 29. Seniors 30-49 (toughest group to podium!), and Masters 50+.  The four race champions are pulled out of the age groups. Unlike the past couple of years where my awards were goofy made up things, I think I'm getting a little something made this time.

10. By the way, you can change which race you do right up to race morning. To switch from 25K to 50K will cost you $10, but you get no discount if you drop from 50K to 25K. (I know, seems unfair!) However, once you start running you can NOT drop down. If you don't finish, we'll record your final mileage/time as best we can.

11. So far we are still looking for some group to take over an aid station for the day. Actually we need two groups. It would be from roughly 7:30 to 3:00-3:30-ish. Anyone interested?

12. Remember we are on FB.

13. Finally, if you happen to have a set of photos online, or a race report, from either of the two previous races, could you send me the link? I'd like to link to them on the right. Thanks!

Keep running!


Friday, January 04, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K is FULL!

People went crazy signing up! Don't fret. Get on the waiting list! Usually the first folks will get in.

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Email 1/3/13

I sent this out last night (1/3/13). But now at 10am on 1/4/13 there are only about 20 spots left!

Happy New Year!

Hope you're all doing well and are still running. A few quick notes:

1. We have less than 50 slots left. This always amazes me. I worry no one will be interested in the race and then, poof, it takes off! Please do not delay too long if you want in. It has filled up the past two times and some people have definitely been sad that they did not get in. When full, there will be a waiting list.

2. I haven't arranged the host hotel yet. Getting there.

3. The volunteer situation is improving. I think we have two heroes interested in helping to transport all the goodies to the aid stations!

We have THREE aid stations. One will be taken by We Run of North Liberty. Thank you! Please visit them. Well, that's where Friday packet pickup will be too! However, we still need two more groups for the other two aid stations. If you know of a few folks willing to take an aid station for the day, please let me know!

We could also use folks to help with parking before the race, and some to help with timing during the race.

4. I also want to thank Hammer Nutrition again for support, as well as Running Wild of Coralville/Iowa City/Cedar Rapids/West Burlington. And for our third year we'll have Dr. Matt Dietz at the race for chiropractic support!

Okay, that's all for now. Keep on running!