Monday, January 05, 2009

An Introduction

Man, I'm already all over the place with a Facebook page, a Geocities page, a Myspace page, and probably others I can't think of now. It's a bit too much and pretty darn self-centered. I don't want to spend all my time typing on a computer, but it's nice to keep up with folks this way. It's the new world community, I guess.

Hopefully we won't all forget we live in real-world communities and neighborhoods.

Most of the time I'm doing science, working out, or spending time with my daughter Tiana and/or my girlfriend Deb. Well, other than eating or sleeping, that is.

I love to read and listen to music. I don't do enough of reading though. I do subscribe to a number of magazines: Rolling Stone, Smithsonian, Discover, Runner's World, Bicycling, and even a guitar magazine. Yes, I'm trying to learn to play the guitar.

I do a lot of running and biking and swimming. I'm often entering races of some sort. More on that later. You can see past results on my web site (to the right) and also my workout calendar (also to the right). These things are posted not just because I want the world to notice me (don't we all?), but it makes me work harder if people can see what I'm doing.

My daughter Tiana is an 8th grade student and is everything in the world I could ever ask for. She rocks. She's smart and funny and talented in music and dance and voice. She likes to play sports and is a great friend with a big heart.

My girlfriend Deb lives in Ohio and we're trying to get her here! Long story. She's wonderful and is a 2nd grade teacher. She's smart and athletic and is always cheering me on and taking care of me.

I'm a chemist at Integrated DNA Technologies in Coralville, Iowa. I've only been here two months. I like it here. Professionally my life has been pretty crazy. You can read some of my life history on my web site (see link to the right). I need to update it though since it only goes up to 1995.