Monday, April 08, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Recap and Awards

Hello Everyone,

First, another big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers! You did a great job at the aid stations and around the start/finish. Many did more than was asked, by just taking charge and helping out. THANK YOU AGAIN! I want to name you all but I fear I'll leave some out. Also, as soon as I figure out the finances, I'll be writing checks to Lupus organizations. Since we had a couple of wonderful volunteers from the Iowa Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America, I'm sure they'll be receiving a little something from us. Thanks to ALL of you for coming out to race to make this happen. I do hope you all are a bit more aware of Lupus.

Hey, my apologies for being AWOL for a month. Since our race, I took TWO small vacations, one to New York and one to Las Vegas. No, this is NOT normal for me, but things conspired for that to happen. By the way, I happened to be in NYC the weekend of the NYC Half Marathon and made it into the lottery and ran it. Upon finishing I kept going and ran over the Brooklyn Bridge, back over the Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown to Times Square, for a total of 22 miles. (I also had to run 1.5 miles to the start, arriving 5 minutes after the horn went off.) Fun time! While in Las Vegas, my girlfriend and I went down to north of Phoenix and did a trail race. Very hilly and technical but spectacular views, running among the cacti! By the way, I wore the Hawkeye 50K shirt at the trail race, and a guy came up to me to tell me he used to live on Lake Macbride and that his son ran the first Hawkeye 25K. Small world!

This weekend I'll embark on the Zumbro 50 mile race. No I've not truly trained for it, but I'm hoping my general fitness can get me through it. Interestingly the race begins at midnight! Unfortunately it sounds like it will be a slurry of mud, snow, and ice. And it is supposed to rain and snow this week. That's right, I AM WHINING about the course and weather, after I gave you three years of bad weather/course conditions. It's karma. Wish me luck...

In other news, I know we had some great personal stories at our race. Our 50K female winner Brittany McConnell was running her first ultra. She even managed to get a bit lost and run extra, and still win. On the men's side Mark Thompson repeated as champion. In the 25K, it was an amazing sprint to the finish between Julie Johnston and Kelly Teeselink, with Julie winning by one second! Ross Salinas cruised to the 25K victory on the men's side. Wearing shorts, I think.

There were other achievements and personal victories as well, I'm sure. For example it's notable that Laurie Tulchin completed the Hawkeye 50K even after hearing "pop" in her foot early in the race, only to find it bruised and swollen by the end of the race. It turns out she rain nearly 30 miles with a broken foot! Many others completed their first ultra or their first race on a course much tougher than your standard road race. Some barely made it, but you did. Others didn't quite make their goals, but that's what it's about, pushing your limits and using that as a jump start to trying it again even when the day doesn't go as planned. Check this out. That's neat! If you blogged about the race or put pictures up somewhere, let me know and I'll link it to the web site.

I know also some of you have went on to achieve some more results since the Hawkeye 50K. For example Ross Salinas finished 6th overall at the Bandera 50K in Texas (this is a major race - that is placing really high). Bonnie Busch, Tiffany Dore, and Steve Geering attempted the Potawatomi 100 mile race just this past weekend. Joshua Sun and Dan Jacobi attempted 50 miles. (I say "attempted" because some made it and some didn't!) Lisa Paulos finished 100 miles at the Umstead 100 mile race this past weekend. Yes I know I'm missing a whole bunch of accomplishments by lots of you. It's just fun when I see a name I recognize in another race.

Anyway, I still have some awards to send to a few people who did not receive them. Please check the results. Besides the four overall champions, anyone who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd should have received a wooden medal/award along with your finishers medal. If you did not receive yours, please let me know! (chemsmith1 at Although I should have your address, you might put it in the email anyway just to make things easier for me.) Also if you didn't get a regular race medal, I have some leftover so just let me know. Even if you came up a bit short.

I know there are a few other folks I've talked to regarding some other items. E.g., extra shirts you wanted to buy. Or volunteers who did not get their shirts. Let me know if I still haven't gotten these items to you. Also, everyone should have gotten a medal if you were there on race day. I have plenty of extras anyway. Also I have a few of the black Hawkeye 50K knit caps if you would like to purchase one. They are $10 which includes shipping. If you want an extra race shirt you can ask to see if I have your size. They are $13 which includes shipping ($3 less on the shipping if I can get it to you without sending it.)

By the way, for those of you who get Ultrarunning magazine, I think there will be a write up in the May issue? Soon, anyway.

Let me know if you have more questions,

Your Friendly RD,