Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K: Brief Followup

Hi All,

This will again be brief. I'm just trying to tie up loose ends. Eventually I hope to write something a bit more extensive.

1. First, THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS!!! These include all those at aid stations, those driving around to the aid stations, those helping with parking and timing and at the start/finish and at the spillway. And also family and friends who just jumped in to help. And to MNRA personnel and the park rangers. I don't want to get specific with names yet, but you are ALL APPRECIATED. I've heard only good things about the volunteers! You rock.

2. Results. I'm not sure if they are complete yet, but here they are in three formats:

By Time

By Gender

By Category

They say "Not Final" because I am still waiting to hear if anyone finds they have been left off or if something is wrong. So let me know if you see a mistake please. Also if you didn't completely finish your race, I'll happily include your name, approximate distance covered, and time.

My email is chemsmith1 at

I should note: one extremely honest guy told me he didn't finish the 25K even though his Garmin said 15.3 miles. He felt he cut the course a little somewhere. That's a really really honest guy!

3. I know the four overall champions got their awards. If you got 1st - 3rd in your age group you have a little award coming. I know most of the 50K runners got theirs, but not all. But I missed many of the 25K award winners. Please email me if you didn't get yours and eventually I'll get yours to you.

4. Every person should have received a medal. Even if you didn't finish. I have plenty of them. If you didn't get yours send me an email.

4. Eventually I'll send in a race report to Ultrarunning Magazine. I could use pictures so continue sending/posting them and they might get in the magazine. A lot have been put on the FB page, so check them out. Unfortunately Ultrarunning will only post results and reports about the 50K race. Sorry to the 25K runners! Eventually I hope to write up a little summary for you all and will post it here. If you want me to include anything interesting for the magazine or for the summary here let me know.

5. I know I haven't responded to some emails. I'll try to as soon as I can. If you email something important and I seem to ignore you, send it again after a few days! Note: I'm out of town a BUNCH of days between now and March 27. I have tons of stuff coming up so try to bear with me.

That's all for now. Again, thank you volunteers, and thank you RUNNERS for your happy and positive outlook at the end of a grueling race!

Your friendly RD,


Monday, March 04, 2013

2013 Hawkeye 50K & 25K Results

Preliminary results are up.

When you find mistakes, and some of you WILL, PLEASE email me at chemsmith1 AT After I'm satisfied that the results are likely correct, I'll sort them by gender/age group.

I actually, for once, had a decent system for timing/results. But I stupidly didn't recruit anyone to help me before the race. Don't you think on the third try I'd figure this out? I always think it'll be so easy but forget how quickly people start coming through. Some day...