Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hawkeye 50K & 25K Jan 22 Update

Hello Runners!

Well I ran the Triple D up in Dubuque on Sunday. (Saw some of you there!) Whew, we were actually rather lucky with the weather and the course. Not that it was easy, but it could have been much harder. Fun race. I recommend it! Kinda epic. And that's likely the last race I do until after the Hawkeye. (Note: by chance I'm going to New York City in March. By chance it's the weekend of the New York Half Marathon. By chance, I put myself in the lottery and got in! By chance, it's the most expensive half marathon ever!)

Some reminders. Some new stuff. Please read!

IMPORTANT!! I need to know if you can not make it to the race. We have a long waiting list, and I need to know if I can add people. Do your fellow runners a favor if you cannot come, so they can get in. For those of you waiting, it's tough but hang in there. I'll inform you the very moment I can do so! We typically start getting the drops about 30 days before the race, and they tend to come in a bunch. So keep running!


1. Please look to the right for all kinds of information, like maps! And directions, and last year's results. Also there is a video of the course. Rather long but maybe useful.

2. Please visit our sponsors: Hammer Nutrition, We Run of North Liberty, and Running Wild.

3. Remember that packet pickup will be at We Run in North Liberty on Friday afternoon/evening probably from 4pm to 7pm but I'll get the exact time later. (Yes you can pick up race morning too if necessary.)

4. Parking at the lots nearest the start/finish will be VERY TIGHT. PLEASE CARPOOL if possible! I guarantee you that some folks will arrive at 7:50-7:55, and those are among the ones who will be forced into the parking lot that is 0.5 miles away from the start. Not a fun position to be in. In general, if many of you carpool, and if you arrive by 7:30-ish, you'll get to park pretty close to the start. But I'd suggest being there by around 7:15 so you can get ready without rushing. But don't come earlier than about 6:15 either because that's roughly when the gate is opened. (I don't open it. And this isn't the normal time the gate opens. Usually it opens at 9:00am but they come open it early on race day.) Race starts at 8:00am! Eight hour time limit. No 50K runner starts a second lap after noon.

5. A reminder about the course: It's a 15.5 mile loop. There will be an aid station at, roughly, miles 5, 10, 13, and at the start/finish. Note, the aid station at mile 13 is the one at the start/finish! You just happen to run by it at mile 13. Thus when you first see the finish, you are NOT done! You just go by it. But you can stop and take food/drink and use the potty.

6. We do not offer a drop bag service at any of the two outer aid stations (miles 5 and 10). But you CAN leave one at the start/finish. This is obviously mostly for the 50K runners. (The 25K runners would only have about 2.5 miles yet to go.) The drop bag spot is just the overhang of a building, meaning that if it is raining, it may get wet. So put it in something waterproof if needed. Yes there will be people there all day but then again we won't be monitoring whose bags are whose, so don't put something valuable in them.

7. The water crossing is at mile 11.2. In year one, this was half frozen and deep and wide enough you had to go through it, over ankle high. In year two it was also deep enough you had to go through it, but it was a freaky 85 degrees (on March 17!) so many just laid down in it to soothe themselves. So, the water may be high, but at times it's just a trickle and you can step over it with no problem. With the sustained drought we have had, that is likely the case right now, but we'll know more closer to race day. I'll try to keep you informed.

8. Sleep Inn of North Liberty will be our race hotel again. You can get a room for $73.99. It's not a huge discount, but it's something. And it's about as close to the start/finish as you can get. I assume you just tell them you're doing the Hawkeye 50K and you get the discount.

9. For you speedy folks, you might note our age groups. We have three for both races: Juniors up through 29. Seniors 30-49 (toughest group to podium!), and Masters 50+.  The four race champions are pulled out of the age groups. Unlike the past couple of years where my awards were goofy made up things, I think I'm getting a little something made this time.

10. By the way, you can change which race you do right up to race morning. To switch from 25K to 50K will cost you $10, but you get no discount if you drop from 50K to 25K. (I know, seems unfair!) However, once you start running you can NOT drop down. If you don't finish, we'll record your final mileage/time as best we can.

11. So far we are still looking for some group to take over an aid station for the day. Actually we need two groups. It would be from roughly 7:30 to 3:00-3:30-ish. Anyone interested?

12. Remember we are on FB.

13. Finally, if you happen to have a set of photos online, or a race report, from either of the two previous races, could you send me the link? I'd like to link to them on the right. Thanks!

Keep running!



Anonymous said...

Can you post a list of who is next to get in ?

Tim said...

I know this is annoying but I don't like to post the waitlist. Because then I end up having to cut it off, and SOMEONE is the next person who didn't get in and that stinks. :-(

It's also complicated by the fact that some people, at any time, have been invited to sign up, but I'm waiting for them to confirm.

I hate this part, that not everyone gets in. Wish it wasn't the case.

What I can do is this: If you tell me who you are I can give you a rough idea of your chances.