Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hawkeye Spillway Update Feb 28

I finished putting up all the ribbons today. I was at the spillway and the good news is that I was actually able to cross it without dunking my feet into the water. True, I had to slowly pick my way across, but it was doable.

Note: There is no particular path to the other side. Go any way you want. I'd probably avoid getting too close to the lower lake though, unless you want to fall in.

That's the good news, but the maybe-not-so-good (kinda depends) is that the forecasted high for Saturday has inched up to 32. This will probably make it pretty nice running weather (I predict some will overdress). But it's going to increase the odds of the trails being really mushy. Again, if I had to predict, I'd say you're going to be on every possible surface: dry and wet pavement, ice, snow, slushy snow, small-ponds-on-the-trail, mud, and wet grass. Basically a lot of muck. So by the time you get to the spillway, it may not matter whether or not you get your feet more wet. :-D

Oh, the park gate doesn't open at some exact time. A guy comes to open it. I think he usually arrives around 6:15 or so? Then proceed in slowly almost a mile and the first lot we will fill will be to your left (just across from the start/finish), then we can stick a few cars on the short road to the start/finish, and the rest will proceed about a half mile farther to the overflow lot. Hopefully that will do it. Cross your fingers.

When you're racing, remember to look for yellow ribbons. Also there will be some yellow buckets which I use as signs. I may have some orange cones for you to follow here and there too.

Think about also if you want to carry your own water bottle, considering the distances between aid stations.

See you soon!


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david wadsworth said...

Awesome race! I appreciate all your hard work, and look forward to next year.