Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Registration for the Hawkeye 50K & 25K is up!

 Hawkeye 50K & 25K 2014 Registration

Registration is up. Just click on the graphic above. Race date is Saturday March 15 at 11:00am.

Note: the four winners from last year get in free. I have emailed you.

If you PLACED 1st -3rd in your division last year, you get $15 off. Look at the "Category" results from last year. If you placed 1st-3rd, use the discount code "divisionchamp15". Don't even THINK about using this if you did not place. I will check all who use it.

Finally VOLUNTEERS from last year get $20 off this year if you would like to enter. Email me (chemsmith1 at gmail dot com) for the code.

I don't know yet what the swag will be. I am playing with some non-shirt options, but if they fall through, it will again be a tech shirt.

Race is limited to 150 runners, with some priority given to 50K runners once it's nearly full. It won't sell out instantly though. You have a some time. I've yet to even advertise this.

Hope to see you there! Bring good weather!

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