Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Hawkeye 50K & 25K Update #2

Hola Runners,

More complete randomness. Most updates are like this. I know it's often repetitive. And I'll keep repeating things. And I'll keep repeating things.

1. Again, remember to look at things on the right. You'll see race hotel information, course maps, maps to the start, and even a video of the course.

2. Get on the FB page. Once in awhile I pop something on there first because it's so quick.

3. REALLY IMPORTANT: If you cannot make it to the race, please tell me ASAP! We have nearly 50 on the waiting list. I'm stretched to the limit and can't add unless someone drops. And don't ask - I can't raise the limit any more.

Also, you CAN drop from the 50K to the 25K. There's no refund, but you can do it. Let me know anytime. You can even do it race morning, although that's slightly stressful for us so try to do it earlier if you can. You can move up to the 50K too, for an extra $10, although I don't think anyone has ever done that.

Note: You cannot drop down during the race. Sure you can just do one lap and stop, but you'll be counted as a 50K DNF. I try to record everyone's final distance and time as best I can though.

4. Also important: Parking will be very tight on race day! PLEASE carpool if you can. There will be three parking areas. One is literally surrounding the start line area. Not a lot of spots there. The next (main parking area) is about 100 yards away. Once these fill up you'll have to park about a 0.6 miles away. This isn't far, but chances are if you are late enough to have to park there, you're going to be rushed. You can not park on the main park roads.

5. Some races have a lot of gels at the aid stations. This race will not. I get just a few gels from Hammer Nutrition, and I can't afford to provide more. I think most of you are used to carrying your own gels. You can do that here too. We'll provide the liquids. (Heed, Gatorade, Water, Coke) You bring the gels. And do NOT litter. Carry trash to the next aid stations. Speaking of which, for each 25K the aid stations are at miles 0 (start), ~4.5, ~9.6, ~12.9, and 15.5 (finish). The aid station at 12.9 is the start/finish, which you just happen to go by at that point. So be able to go five miles without an aid station.

6. I've never had any kind of sound system at the start/finish to play music. If anyone knows how to set that up, that'd be cool.

7. Speaking of the start/finish, there WILL be an indoor building. It's not big and not everyone can fit in at once. But you can go and in and warm up if necessary.

8. Weather? Your guess is as good as mine. Could be snow. Could be hot. I can almost guarantee wet, at this point, with all this snow, which has to melt at some point. Remember too we have a very wide water crossing, but that can range from bone dry to up-to-your-knees.

9. One thing we like to do is accept your food. If you want, bring something yummy for the after-race! If you have a favorite thing you like to make, go for it. And we can plug it in so feel free to bring hot stuff as well like soup. Or bring desserts, chips, drinks, anything. Don't try to feed 150. If you feed a few, that's great. Totally not required, but very appreciated! One year we had a runner's girlfriend make grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmmmmm. (Note: No beer allowed. Sorry. Park rules.)

10. Hey, if you email me, and I don't respond, email again! I try to answer every email, but once in awhile it just rolls off screen before I get to it. Gently remind me about it, please. I never intend to ignore you.

I can't think of anything else, although I probably will in a few minutes. Keep on running!

Your Friendly RD,


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