Tuesday, March 04, 2014

2014 Hawkeye 50K & 25K Update #4

Hello Frosty Runners!

Okay another update with my current thoughts and reminders. PLEASE read the first point even if you have dropped from the race. Randomness now follows. Thank you!

1. I have updated the entry list. Please look to the right, and please let me know if I made a mistake. If you dropped and your name is on there, please let me know. Or if you dropped from the 50K to the 25K and I didn't update that, let me know as well. Thank you thank you.

2. Hey, a reminder that this race is to raise awareness of, and a few dollars to fight, Lupus. This is a relatively poorly understood, and difficult to diagnose, disease. For the second year in a row we'll have representatives (Susan and Emily!) from the Lupus Foundation of America, Iowa Chapter, here to volunteer.

Along these lines: Well it's funny because I've joked for awhile that this race was the only race for Lupus. I was quite wrong. We found a race in California that is in its 14th year. So I stand corrected. (Lupus Race for Life)

But more interesting is that there is a new Lupus race, and, believe it or not, it's here in Iowa! What are the odds of this?! I urge you to check it out. It's the Live Fit With Lupus Run, and it's just an hour away from here in LeClaire, near Davenport on the Mississippi. (Thanks Jen for the heads up!) It includes a 5K, a half marathon, and a 1 mile fun run for the kids. May 17. I may have to run this myself.

So, well, although we were scooped on the Lupus race, maybe we're the only state with two Lupus races? And Hawkeye may be the longest Lupus race.

3. Aid stations. Again, a reminder that the course is a 15.5 mile loop. You will hit an aid station at about miles 4.5 and 9.6. You then just happen to go by the start/finish at mile 12.9, so that's an aid station. And then of course at the finish at mile 15.5. Loop two is of course the same. So be able to go a full 5 miles without aid. Also, there won't be any gels on the course. I know many races provide gels, but we do not.

Aid stations will have: water, Heed and/or Gatorade (maybe also Cytomax), Coke. Bananas and/or oranges. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. M&M's, pretzels. Salt tabs (S-caps and/or Endurolytes). If there is some other fuel/food you just GOTTA have, please bring and carry it. (Also feel free to suggest it. Never know, I may go get it.)

I'm tempted to tell you to carry your own liquid container so we could "go green," but for now we'll still have cups. But if you bring a bottle, we'll fill it for you.

4. Current course conditions and weather outlook. Well I'm sure you are all aware of all the cold and snow we've had. Normally one would NOT expect snow on the ground on March 15. Indeed, two years ago we had this race on this same weekend, and temps reached well over 80 degrees, breaking all records. But right now we've still got snow on the trails. And while we have some warmer-than-freezing days coming up, it's your guess as to how much snow will have melted. And the trend appears to suggest temps may not be up to average high (46) that day, but we'll see. Assuming much snow does melt, my guess is you'll be running in some wet and mud. So be prepared.

5. By the way, we DO have a heated indoor building at the start. It's not huge and we all can't get in there at once, but you can go in and out. After the race, come inside and eat and relax. It'll be crowded but fun.

6. There will be one indoor bathroom and two portpotties right at the start.

7. Drop bags. Most of you 50K runners might want to know about drop bags. Right at the start is a long-ish building with an awning hanging about a foot over. Under that is where we usually line up drop bags. First, 50K runners have priority for this. There's little reason a 25K runner needs a bag there. Second, this is not a waterproof spot. Be sure you bag/container is waterproof.

We can not guarantee "security" regarding your drop bags. Don't stick super valuable stuff in there. Sure we'll be standing by them all day, but unless someone looks very obviously like a thief, we're not going to know who is looking into your bag. (We've never had a problem.)

Yes runners, you could leave something in the building. Then again, if everyone leaves a big bag in the building, there's no way it'll all fit. So don't bring some huge duffel bag to leave in the building. Again, we can't guarantee its safety.

8. Pot luck. If you want, bring a small treat or any item to share for after the race.

9. Thank you to our sponsors! We have on board We Run of North Liberty, Running Wild, Scheels, Caseys Convenience Stores, Walmart, HyVee, Road ID, Hammer Nutrition, Trail Runner Magazine, authors Jay Danek and Scott Ludwig, and Panera Bread. Yes, Panera means we'll have bagels after the race.

We're racing in 11 days...

Your Friendly RD,


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LisaLynnFit said...

Thank you, Tim for promoting our race, LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS! I am excited for your race!! THANK YOU for bringing awareness to this disease! I am really hoping to come up!!