Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 Hawkeye 50K & 25K Update #6

Hi Runners!

I was tempted to call this the final update, but who knows. Usually I don't like to update on the last day, just in case someone is traveling and can't view it. But then again, these days, everyone is connected 24/7. Anyway, more randominity (new word). Please read.

1. FINAL ENTRANT LIST with bib number assignments is up. Look to the right. BE SURE YOU ARE ON THE LIST if you are supposed to be. Also it's very helpful if you know your bib number when you come to packet pickup.

2. I failed to mention that race day packet pickup is at the RACE start line.

3. Because of the spillway situation, the 50K runners won't get back to their drop bags until mile 22. Yeah this kinda blows. (I did try again to see if there was a chance we could go over the spillway. No chance.)

4. I marked much of the crushed gravel part of the course today. LOTS of mud, snow, standing water, and ice. The ice is going away as I predicted, but that's just adding to the mess. The crushed gravel part is about 6-7 miles of each loop. 50K runners will do like 12 miles of this mess. Right now this is like running in quicksand. It doesn't really drain right. Slow slogging through it. Don't bother trying to avoid the water. Just go through it. Your feet are going to be soaked. (25K runners will never run on this part.) Tomorrow I'll finish marking the trails so I'll have a better grasp of how they look. Also, thank you Deb and Laurie for helping with trail marking!

Remember, at times you'll follow pink flags. At other times, yellow ribbons.

5. Speaking of the 25K runners, if we could transport them to the spillway pre-race, they could start there and run backwards. (No silly, YOU wouldn't be backwards, you'd run in the backwards direction like the 50K folks will do when they turn around.) Those of you who know the course realize how awesome this would be. If some GENIUS knows how to easily do this (in a day's time) feel free to suggest it. I don't think buses will work. Park roads too steep.

6. Oh, the 50K runners will turn around at the spillway. You know this now. What you don't know is that I put the turnaround at the TOP of that little hill by the spillway. This normally isn't part of the course, but I'm going to make you scamper up it now. You'll see. (I originally was going to make this part of the course. I wish I had.)

7. Reminder: Packet pickup tomorrow 4pm-7pm at We Run in North Liberty. Try to make it. Yes you can pick up packets for others.

8. Make sure your bib number is SHOWING at all times. We have to check off runners as they come through some aid stations. Plus this year we'll be pulling off the bottom when you finish.

9. Speaking of the finish, you'll come through the finish twice, but the first time you're not done. I'll TRY to make one "finish" for the first loop, and another for the real finish. So pay attention.

10. Oh, also PAY ATTENTION TO CARS! You will be running on a county highway and on park roads. All of this is open to traffic. You all know how to avoid cars, so don't get dim-witted and think you don't have to because you are in a race. When you cross a road, LOOK IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. BE CAREFUL.

11. Also, other folks are on the trails. RESPECT them. And do NOT LITTER.

12. There are awards for those who finish 1st - 3rd in your division. Try to find out if you won one before you leave. And thank WE RUN for making the awards!!

13. If I can get things together, we also have raffle prizes. Check the raffle prize table to see if you won. I INCLUDE VOLUNTEERS in this. I try to, at least.

14. I said there would be no gels. Theoretically I have enough to give each 50K runner one single gel. I know, not too exciting. Probably we will put them out at the Solon aid station (first one you encounter) for you to take on your return trip. Just take one, please. Otherwise, again, BRING YOUR OWN GELS. We WILL have salt tabs.

15. Again, very limited parking. Carpool, and snuggle those cars up. Also beware that the main lot is dirt, and it's muddy. You're going to get your shoes muddy just getting out of your car.

16. Thank you Garrett for organizing the race packets, and We Run for making the awards!

That's all I can think of for now. It's almost here. Be ready and be flexible. And HAVE FUN!

Your Friendly RD,


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